Hi friends,

Here we come up with a new type of balcony gardening system.Inverted garden or an upside down garden.DIY inverted garden are really good for less space consuming especially for people who reside in flats and having small balcony,since we are hanging it..

Inverted gardens are specifically mended for plants showing adventitious shoot( new shoots originating from nodes).. Plants that give basal shoots( shoot originating from the base of plant) will not grow well in inverted garden..

Plants suitable for inverted garden includes Pepper, tomatoes, ferns cucumber, herbs, shrubs,single stem flowering plants,single bulb plants..and much more
Runner type of plants are not suitable for inverted garden

Hope you all gonna try it in your balcony..

thank you..

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  1. Hi I liked the concept. may be one suggestion. to not to make the water spill while watering, you can also innovate a method. cut the bottom part of a water 1 ltr plastic water bottle. with help of a hot gun glue it to the watering side of the pot and then make the holes . water may not spill from the sides. try this. Dr.Tom Jose: 8903632268. All the best.

  2. വളർന്നു വരുമ്പോ sunlight കിട്ടുന്നിടത്തേക്ക് or opposite direction ലേക്ക് പോകില്ലേ.. 👍 but നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് keep it up.. 🌷

  3. താഴേന്നു മേലോട്ട് ഒരു ലൈറ്റ് കൊടുത്താലോ.. നല്ല ഭംഗിണ്ടാവും പിന്നെ ചെടി താഴേക്ക് വളരുവോ എന്തായാലും സംഭവം കൊള്ളാം