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Welcome to the Immaterial Backyard!

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🌻 (For Solar, ASC, Rising, Moon, North/South Node, Venus, Mercury / All Home placements)

🎲 WEEKLY Studying Collection:
1 🎮 Prepared Participant One
2 🖖Dwell Lengthy & Prosper
3 🕸️ The Internet
4 📼 House Films
5 💓 All Is Full Of Love
6 🧽 So Contemporary & So Clear
7 💍 Put A Ring On It
8 🔍 CSI
9 🛸 Unbelievable Voyage
10 👑 Who Run It
11 👥 The Social Community
12 🌒 Midnight Flowers

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*In case you are experiencing heavier frequencies or decrease vibrations–we will work together–calling upon the therapeutic energy of the collective’s energetic solidarity to transmute them over the course of this session and all classes. Need to take part? Simply suppose or say “Consent” at any time!


🙏 *Please do not forget that readings are solely inspirational instruments. No studying can negate your free will, instinct and/or widespread sense. 💯


Gratitude to the Divine, you and all of creation!


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