♪ ALIEN THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Animated music video parody of the film “Alien”
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Film Musicals #52: ALIEN THE MUSICAL
The space-truckin’ crew of the Nostromo reply to a misery name, which leads them to a nasty facehugger in a rusty outdated House Jockey Engineer ship, which in flip, by way of the miracle of chestbursting birthing, produces a singing grownup alien xenomorph, who does a music and dance whereas selecting off the crew one after the other. It is as much as Ellen Ripley to cease the insanity, save Jonesy the cat and blow the funky xeno out the airlock… enterprise as standard.

►Script, Tune, Vocals: Logan Hugueny-Clark
►Vocals, Tune, Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (
►Animation Director: EIE Productions (


Mom woke us from cryo-sleep,
So why are we nonetheless in house so deep?
Looks like itʼs explanation for a misery name,
From a planetoid slightly small.

We exit and examine,
No alternative, our contract clearly states.
Stumble in a derelict ship,
The place a facehugger r**** my face.

Facehugged by a xeno,
Smothered by a xeno.
Facehugged by a xeno,
Impregnated by xeno.

Ash breaks the quarantine guidelines,
Opens up the door for the crew.
We donʼt know what that creature is,
Bringing it inside is a silly danger.

Iʼm the captain of this ship,
You need to obey my directive.
Anyway the creature is useless,
Letʼs simply have a fast meal, neglect this and return to mattress.

Chestburst by a xeno,
Dinner crashing xeno.
Chestburst by a xeno,
Nasty little xeno.

Brett appears to be like for Jonesy the cat,
‘Til heʼs dragged up into the shaft.
Dallas tries to shoo it away,
However he suffers the identical destiny.
Ash is an android enemy,
Working for the corporate.
Says we stand no likelihood weʼre simply bait,
Resolve to blow the ship and to

Tail whipped by a xeno,
Cranium bit by a xeno.
Tail r**** by a xeno,
Runninʼ from a xenooooo…

Sneaky funky xeno,
On the escape craft I stowed.
Received this chick cornered, blocked,
However she blew me out the air-lock…

Ripley beat the xeno,
Revved the engine, flames blow.
However belief me there are extra,
Youʼll see within the sequels.

(c) LHUGUENY 2019
♪ ALIEN THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Tune

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