♪ SONIC THE MOVIE THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Animated music video parody about the new movie “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG”
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Movie Musicals #65: Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie The Musical
Baby Sonic gets sent from his home universe to Green Hills, Montana after a nasty Echidna clan of Knuckles attack Sonic’s loyal Guardian Longclaw. On Earth, Sonic learns to rap in solitude for years until he starts layin’ down lyrics with the local sheriff and a psychotic weapons expert hired by the government, Dr Robotnik.

►Animation, Lyrics, Song, & Vocals by Logan H-Clark (
►Vocals & Co-Produced by Whitney Di Stefano (


Verse 1 (Sonic)
Raised on a beautiful island,
Full of sun, loops and sand.
But one day a tribe came after me,
So my guardian Longclaw sent me to Green…

…Green Hills, where I quickly got bored,
So I started to stalk the Donut Lord.
No one’s seen me yet, I’m way too fast,
Except for Crazy Carl, but he’s an outcast.

Then one day I started to pout,
Ran so many home-runs that I caused a blackout.
The government turned to an insane man,
He came for me, so I needed a plan.

I’ll use my rings to go to Mushroom Land,
But before I can go, I get tranqed by my main man.
I utter the words San Francisco,
There my ring stash went, c’mon, we have to go.

Sonic, he’s a refugee,
Sonic, always goes full speed,
Sonic, makes Robotnik seething,
Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog

He’s a fast blue devil, can’t keep track,
Eggbutt’s on his tail, he’d better watch his back.
His heartless drones won’t stop attacking,
Always gotta go fast…
Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic.

Verse 2 (Tom)
I just want to help somebody in need,
If it’s life and death you can count on me.
Wanted to be a cop in San Fran,
Til this hedgehog appeared and changed my plans.

We’re gonna hit the road, after I hit this face,
Watch out for drone bullets all over the place.
My wife’s a vet, she’ll heal Sonic up,
Just pray her sister doesn’t call the cops on our butts.

Once I get my rings back from the tower’s edge,
Decide I don’t wanna leave, now that I’ve got real friends.
Robotnik’s got an army, but I’ve got speed,
Push my pals off the building, even Eggbutt can’t believe.

Make his drones go boom while I save my friends,
Teleport them back to Green Hills then fight until the end.
Send him packing to another universe,
Then celebrate with chili dogs and finish this verse.


Bridge (Robotnik)
Of course I want a latte officer brain f***,
I love the way you make ‘em, the foam looks like art.
I’m gonna catch that rodent by the final hour,
Invasive exploratory procedures will help me harness its power.

Hedgehogs aren’t blue, and they definitely don’t speak,
And last time I checked, they couldn’t run at high speeds.
This thing you call Sonic is a creature from space,
It must be contained, or else humanity could be erased…

…But maybe that’s a good thing, given that people are inferior and stupid!


(c) LHUGUENY 2020
♪ SONIC THE MOVIE THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

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