Today we took a tour inside Moscow’s metro system. Which sounds quite bizarre if you’ve never studied Russian history or travelled to Moscow. Moscow’s 84m deep underground metro is something of a museum in itself – each station is sprawled with paintings, sculptures, mosaics, chandeliers that were built under Stalin’s regime. It is a transport system that not only takes you to your destination but takes you back into the propagandist Soviet times that will forever be something very fascinating to not only myself but millions of people around the world. We then visited Saint Basil’s Cathedral, AGAIN (can you tell I am absolutely IN LOVE?!), Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Gulag History Museum , GUM (ГУМ) a boujee shopping centre that is a MUST see, near the Red Square) and a VEGAN RESTERAUNT (can you believe it, ME?!) which was a tourist destination in and of itself (it was delicious). That about wrapped up my three full days in Moscow and I have to say I absolutely DID NOT GET ENOUGH of the city. See you again soon, Moscow 👋

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