10 Awesome BED DESIGNS for your VAN CONVERSION 🛏 🚐

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10 MORE Bed Designs:

Here are 10 Bed Designs for you to consider for you Van Conversion! This video has been created to be an extra information resource for people who have got a copy of our Van Conversion Guide.

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Some of the vans featured:
Fixed bed (my van) –
Slider-bed –
Sofa-bed mechanism –
Pop-top / rock and roll –
Transport/removable –
Slide-out bed –
Second table bed:

Deciding what to do with your bed is probably the biggest decision for your entire van build because it basically defines your layout, space and storage.

These 10 designs feature the tried and tested as well as some more unusual design options.

I hope you enjoy! We plan on doing a part two of this (probably another 10 – when we have filmed enough!).

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