In this video, we show you 10 ski hacks to help you have a great time next time you go skiing. These 10 hacks will show you how to have a better time crashing, snacking, repairing, touring and much more.

Hacks in the tutorial:
00:15 Hack 1: Crashing in powder
01:10 Hack 2: 1 skin skate hack
02:08 Hack 3: Skin off trick / How to remove a climbing skin
02:52 Hack 4: Keep skins dry / warm
03:30 Hack 5: Carry duct tape
04:06 Hack 6: How to measure steepness
05:38 Hack 7: How to build a bench of skis and poles
06:04 Hack 8: Mountain snacks
06:48 Hack 9: Don’t be a tool, carry one
07:14 Hack 10: Fill in holes on the go / How to repair a ski base

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