As the World Health Organization holds an emergency meeting on the coronavirus, a Washington state man has tested positive on his return from Wuhan, China, where the outbreak started.

Authorities in Wuhan, China, imposed quarantine-like restrictions on the city of 11 million Tuesday, as they raced to stop the spread of a new coronavirus that’s popping up in countries around the world.

In Wuhan, local tourist groups are now banned from traveling outside of the city and police are conducting random checks of private cars for live animals. Infrared thermometers and screening equipment have been installed at airports and major train stations, according to CCTV, the state television network.

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  1. As of 1-29-20 I was just released from Colorados University Hostpital and I had a nurse who had confirmed with me telling me and my wife that there is the first case of the coronavirus confirmed. Stay safe all!!!

  2. Idgaf what holiday it is smh they should band ALL flights to and from China as of now! It is not fare that people are going to still take theses trips carelessly only to bring shit back and get ppl here in the US sick. If they leave, keep their ass! Idc Idc

  3. Heres the ingredients to heal or help the poeple had corona virus

    Old chinese doctor has proven its efficacy.many payients has also proven this to be effective. Eight cloves of chopped garlics add seven cups of water and bring to boil and eat and drink the boilde garlic water,overnight improvement and healing.glad to make this.

  4. Theory, government creates these deceased because trump is getting impeached he send the index host, 1st carrier to China to create a problem to keep him in office, may sound off but who knows.

  5. Everyone needs to close borders before it turns bad. For one person sick will cost 5 more and each one of those will be 5 more each in other words tell one person a secret and 5 people will know

  6. Why are they allowing folks into the States from Wuhan, China. Could it be that they don't want to scare the public which would cause mass panic and effect trade and businesses? Hmmm

    Rich folks and corporation will say anything to keep their money machines running even at the great risk to the general pubic.

  7. use a natural product called Oreganol P73 wild hand picked from Mediterranean …. down side … you will not be able to donate blood even though it is considered a false positive for disease …why? .. they count the virus fighting blood and know it is a false positive, yet will not allow it to be given to those who could use these fighters in the blood. This product is a anti-virial and anti-fungial and thus protects the user from viruses. The FDA has long been taken over by the pharmacuitical companies … therefore very often given false reports by Pharma (witch craft /sorcery). Anyone remember the FDA loosing many of the scientists during the Clinton/ Bushwacker eras. Because they would not sign the false reports that they were being told to approve. Remember when the news came out that medical professionals were telling the doctors to stop giving antibiotics for flu? It is because they did not have a anti-virial drug. But it was always there from the plants used by our people from long ago. You see the drug companies cannot patient natural (hard as they tried to get rid of natural and the fact that it was given as supplements in hospitals. You do not need to take this product everyday …. only when people around seem to be getting sick…. or once every couple of months. It is strong and I doubt that you get a child to take it twice. It says to put a few drops into a 1/2 cup of juice and drink it …. not me. I put a couple/few drops under my tongue and have a couple of crackers on hand … when the drops begin escaping out from under the tongue, I take crumble bites til the cracker is gone and swallow …. it soon dissipates. Not so bad … .. and no viruses.

  8. What are we waiting for? To be on lock down like Wuhuan. This is what they get for eating all kinds of odd animals. Knowing the China, they would probably eat the Chupakabra if it ever arrived their.


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