We’re excited to share the new Line Blade skis! These are some of the wildest and widest carving skis we’ve ever tested. Learn more about them from Line’s Engineer, Peter Brigham, and look out for our in-depth review later this week! The skis will be available for sale on SkiEssentials.com February 4th!



  1. As a dedicated carver looking for a ski with some soft snow performance, these look really interesting. Line has been very innovative with their skis, which is good for the whole sport.

  2. I've been a big fan of Line/K2. The Supernatural needed some refining but was overall a good ski that was my workhorse for all around terrain and conditions. The Sick Day is also a superbly versatile ski. I'm sure this is a great carver, I just don't see any overall, general purpose, versatility for this ski, that tip is just too crazy wide and will get deflected in any diverse terrain. I hope to try it soon and get proven wrong, I'm sure it rips on the groomers, just don't see this in trees, bumps, pow days, speed runs, etc.

  3. as a long-time snowboarder and grew up on skis, I predict that carving skis will in the future have even tighter radiius. something great will happen if you can get it down to 10m. I saw the same thing in snowboards. people are afraid to make it too tight, but as you evolve the ski camber, add magnetraction or other wavy edges, and continue to shape the shovel of the ski, it will become more feasible. this looks really sweet, wish I had skis like this when I was a kid.

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