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This video is for: Anybody seeking to quickly enhance at CS:GO, or study varied CS:GO maps reminiscent of Mud II, Inferno, Cache, and plenty of others. This video can be nice for newbie gamers seeking to enhance by studying methods that can enhance their CS:GO rank rapidly.

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  1. AWP: Wildfire
    AK-47: Frontside Misty/Phantom Disruptor
    M4A4: Buzz Kill
    DEAGLE: Code Red
    USP-S: Orion
    GLOCK: Water Element
    SSG 08: Ghost Crusader

    Other guns I don't often use.
    But I can't afford the skins mentioned above. SO IT IS WHAT IT IS 🙄

  2. I love the emphasis on health, great job on this video.
    Years ago, when I started doing as little as 20pushups a day and ate alot (Im skinny), that is what finally gave me the edge and allowed me to reach Diamond 5 on LoL. After that, I went for pullups, too, and bike rides, that allowed me to have the mental strength to not block up or overheat in intense gunfights, and pushed me up to LEM.

  3. Definitely my favorite skin is the Karambit Knife Fade and a very cheap skin which is still looking very good is the Mecha Industries Deagle. But sadly I have not a single skin. Thank you for this nice video. 🙏🏻🙏🏻