The reason we made this video is to help you to understand what kind of ski that you may need for your type of skiing. I feel this is video was important to do because it is so easy to want to have the same ski as your favourite pro skier but chances are you do not yet ski as well as he/she does and you may need something different to have the best chances to learn new tricks, butters and more.

01:37 Line Blend What you get:
+Low speed playfulness
+Low to medium speed carving
+Ok boot deep powder

02:37 Line Blend What you don’t get:
-Stability on landings
-High-speed stability on groomers or crude
03:15 Conclusions Line Blend

04:08 Völkl Wall / Revolt 87 What you get:
-Speed (race base)
-Extreme stability on landings
-Edge hold (carving at high speeds)

05:50 Völkl Wall / Revolt 87 What you don´t get:
-No playfulness (They are not here to play they wanna to dub corks etc)
-No powder performance
-No low-speed butters and manual
07:15 Conclusions Völkl Wall / Revolt 87

07:50 K2 Poachers What you get:
-Medium “butterability” maybe the best for butters thanks to the medium flex popping back.
-Medium carving performance

11:11 K2 Poachers What you don´t get:
-Edge hold on ice
-High stability

12:19: Who should have which ski?


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