4 days in Tokyo | Japan travel vlog

Please watch with subtitles.
First of, sorry for the awful audio – for once we filmed with the Dji Osmo Pocket and didn’t realize the mic was on the opposite side.

This is the final video from our Japan trip and we spent the last 4 days in Tokyo. We stayed in Ikebukuro but traveled around Tokyo to experience great places, meet up with our Japanese and international friends, and ate delicious food.

Places we visited:
Day 1:
– Conveyor belt sushi restaurant: Katsu Midori, Ikebukuro Seibu
– Sunshine 60 Sky Restaurants – Ocean Casita
– Sega World Ikebukuro
– Karaoke-Kan

Day 2:
Odaiba area:
– Restaurant in Aqua City (don’t remember the name)
– Statue of Liberty
– Daiba Beach
– Divercity (with mega Gundam statue)
– Venus Fort in Palette Town
– Sunshine 60 Sky Restaurants – Joe’s Shanghai
– Izakaya (Don’t remember the name)
– Alife Night club

Day 3:
– Milky Way Café
– Takeshita-dori (street)
– Nabe restaurant (don’t remember the name)
– Shibuya Crossing

Day 4:
– Sunshine 60 Sky Restaurants – Tenku no niwa Hoshinonaruki


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