5 Weirdest Cafes in Tokyo You Must Try | Japan Travel Diary

.A trip to Japan is almost incomplete without trying out the Japanese themed cafes. Watch our Japan travel vlog where Jez & Tom visited the 5 most weird theme cafes in Tokyo.

These were the 5 cafes we visited during our trip to Japan:

1. The Moomin Friend Cafe: Here people can dine with a life size doll.
2. Kawaii Monster Cafe: They have got whimsical design with some funny monsters.
3. Hedgehog Cafe: Here you have coffee whilst playing with a hedgehog.
4. Maid Cafe in Akihabara: Where all the waitresses are dressed as maids.
5. A Prison themed cafe where you eat and drink in a prison cell whilst being served by prisoners and police alike.

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This is Episode 24 of our travel vlog in Japan where Jez & Tom are trying out food at 5 unique themed cafes in Tokyo, Japan.

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