700c Kent RoadTech Road Bike from Walmart

I purchased a Kent RoadTech road bike from Walmart to use with an indoor cycle trainer. This is my first road bike, so I didn’t know what to expect, or if I would enjoy riding it. The drop bars and geometry of a road bike didn’t seem like it would fit my riding style, and I didn’t want to drop $800 or more on a road bicycle only to find out I didn’t like the ride. That’s where bikes like this one or other similar Big Box Bikes are great. You can get a cheap bike and if you don’t like it – you aren’t out a large amount of money.

It turns out I’m not a road bike guy. I don’t like the ride positions, and I most certainly do not like impacts from road imperfections rattling up to the base of my skull. I prefer a hybrid where the larger tires can absorb more of the bumps. That said, aside from the vibration and the cheap 3×7 gearing the Kent Road tech 700c road bike is a decent bike for the money. I was pleasantly surprised with the linear pull brakes. Usually linear brakes on a low end bike make horrible noises within the first mile or two and get progressively worse. The Kent Roadtech’s brakes are smooth and quiet. They haven’t made a noise at all – even after over 30 miles of riding.

I haven’t owned any other Kent bikes, but if this bike is anything like the rest of their lineup they may have a leg up on Pacific Cycle’s bikes. Make no mistake, this is still far from a LBS bike, but it is a decent bike for the money.

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