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0:00 Intro
0:50 QOTD
1:07 Improper Communication
2:37 Being Indecisive
4:01 Crosshair Placement
5:17 Holding Corners
6:40 Soloqueuing
7:33 Movement
8:43 Economy Management
9:26 Grinding
10:11 Outro

This video is for: Anyone looking to rapidly improve at CS:GO, or learn various CS:GO maps such as Dust II, Inferno, Cache, and many others. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by learning strategies that will improve their CS:GO rank quickly.

Concepts: Rank up at CS:GO, CS:GO ranks, CS:GO improvement, get Global Elite CS:GO, CS:GO S1mple, CS:GO S1mple settings, CS:GO s1mple improvement.

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  1. Ive been playing cs for only 2 yrs. I have a similar transference as to one of the famous csgo players SKADOODLE of former Cloud 9. I used to play A.V.A. an mmo fps game launched by red duck with ijji games. Played until its end in Aeria games and moved onto csgo due to boredom. Became LEM in less than 200 matches and now currently striving to reach lvl 10 in faceit.

  2. Started playing at 2001(?) Cs 1.5. Time before Steam. Damn i miss maps like Prodigy, Dust and Italy. :p I'm has been allways just a casual player. On these days i'm the guy on server who saying "this is just game" when people get toxic. 😀

  3. First time I tried it was ab 2012 scgo he got the closed beta cd key because of that he qualified for dreamhack summer. I remember that I watched my older brother play 1.6 on dreamhack 2012 and qualifying for dreamhack summer I think it was summer. And they beat one team and lost to a pro team so never got to the finals. And when he came home he let me play a game of csgo. And ever since I have been in love with it.

  4. i played cs 1.6 offline in my school days in my school's computer…..i didn't liked it back then……i was more engaged in gta's….3 years ago i again started to play cs source i loved it and then i shifted to csgo……….i love it