00:00 Future Of SideQuestVR
02:38 Photograph-Practical Avatars
04:34 AI SuperSampling VR 2.0
06:30 New VR Pricing Technique

PC Specs:
Intel Core i9-9900Ok 8-Core 3.6 GHz

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  1. I’m actually surprised they don’t just do what they do with mobile phones.. make them contract, for a year or 2, so many people buy $1000/$2000 phones like it’s nothing because of that

  2. That pricing plan idea seems exactly like what most phone companies are doing now with smartphones. Get the latest iphone for cheap as long as you sign up for a phone plan through the seller for a certain amount of time. Seems very feasible, considering this scheme is already in widespread use right now. And who knows, it might be the logical next step for the very same phone companies to add it as a product. Would be funny to walk into a Verizon or Sprint or Tmobile store and see a new counter offering an Oculus Quest for 50 bucks, so long as you sign up to their data plan 🙂

  3. no way, impossible that supersampling, on the example there is a poster on the wall saying "paris, london etc", there is no way to render that from those pixels on input low res. My old traditional graphic designer mind doesn't accept that haha

  4. photorealistic avatars? Well, that's boring. Why would anyone ever want that? The best part about making an avatar is being able to get as far away from reality as you like.

  5. 5:50 basically a even better version of DLSS.
    7:05 Same chip that's in my mobile phone atm (I paid $360AUD for LenovoGT5 whatever off Aliexpress)

  6. Pulling for companies like HP. Wont ever buy an Apple Anything and Quest most likely will be my last Oculus product(We'll see). MY VR Future: Seriously rethinking my stance on consoles. I Really think the Headset to have "Next Gen" is gonna be a PSVR 2. At least you know you'll get the best VR games on PSVR. Thinking PSVR 2 + Gonna ride my Quest into the ground then move onto Any fair Wireless/PC capable Headset for a few PC exclusives and some light weight games best played wireless like Beat saber, Pistol Whip, BigScreen VR etc. Long time PC gamer, but gotta be honest, HL:A aside, PC VR is all FLUFF and NO substance. Keep the extra pixels lol. The Best games have been PSVR and the Best VR experience is the Quest. /shrug

  7. We have seen VR headsets/gaming machines bundled with mobile carriers before but they're usually just gimmicks. I do love the idea of VR being more mainstream. It may be because in Asia space is even more limited then in the US. That said, It's definitely making sense why a lot of anime has japan or asian exclusive first waves. America is horrible about importing new tech early if not from one of our brand names. Tsk.

  8. I guess the real face rendering stuff could be cool, but as a person completely against facebook, I'd rather have it for foveated rendering.

  9. Screw photo realistic advatar. I want EASY, robust full body tracking. I'm tired of my arms and legs doing weird, distracting stuff. In boneworks, my elbow was at and odd angle and it clipped a shelf and knocked it over. I was like, WTF just happened. It was distracting and immersion breaking.

    The Taiwan probably wants people to get into VR so big brother China can pilfer data on it's users. I've got much love for the people of Taiwan, I just don't trust the companies. If China has it's fingers already deep in the American pie, imagine what what kind of grip they have on their neighbor.

  10. Photo realistic Avatar's ?. I thought the purpose of an Avatar is to be something or someone you are not.

  11. It's good to see deals like the bundle deal. Always good to see stuff like this because they're confident that someone will buy it, otherwise they'd just slap a price tag on and and send it out.
    Also, it's really cool to see people with more and more add-ons for VR. Seeing someone move their eyes and use real life facial expressions in VR is incredible, a realistic face would eliminate so many issues with social VR. There's a huge part of the community that's very detached from reality while in VR, pun intended. They'll treat people differently based on things like what avatar they're wearing, or how they sound, etc. I think having a more "human" representation when doing meaningful social VR would be a huge plus for companies who want to get into VR, but also don't want to use a Ugandan Knuckles avatar for their business meetings xD

  12. AI supersampling is already a really big deal with programs like Waifu 2x and Topaz Gigapixel but as someone that has spent a lot of time playing with AI upscalers and interpolators to bring down render times, the idea of having a 540P input image upscaled to 4k sounds insane. You can do it with the AI upscalers we have but there will be artifacts and the level of detail will be well below rendering natively at 4k and these also don't run at anywhere near the ~90 FPS needed for VR. The video snippet does seem to have some of the blotchiness you tend to get when upscaling to that level but if they can manage to make it convincing in VR, then that is going to increase what developers can do many times over.

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