A Chicken Taco On Skis! | NEWS THAT DOESN'T STINK

How did this chicken taco get to the top of a snowy hill? Where did it learn to ski so well? These are questions I’m asking you, I really have no idea. I’m just the guy who writes the words here. I’ve seen this video, it’s amazing but I don’t understand how something so delicious can ski so well.

Fun, fake, news! That doesn’t stink. Fun, fake news that doesn’t stink.
→ Credits ←
by Jimbo Matison

Mariko Hasebe – Gina Briganti
Mike Lordan – Jimbo Matison
Chicken Taco On Skis – Jimbo Matison

Puppeted by Jimbo Matison and Asako Miyahira

Production Artist
Giulia Verde

Really Good Assistant
Giulia Verde

Executive Producer
Birkner Rawlings

Filmed in amazing Jimbo-Motion!
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