A Stroll Through the UNAM Botanic Gardens of Mexico City (Jardín Botánico)

On a recent trip to Mexico City, I had the chance to visit the Botanical Garden of UNAM. The garden has been here for about 50 years. It is covered by cactus and other succulents, medicinal plants, and forest trees. There is an arboretum there and it should be visited with about a half day’s time to get to experience it all. My favorite part about it was the volcanic rock formations and small waterfalls.
It’s super easy to get to as well as many parts of the city, all on public transportation. The area is called CU or Ciudad Universitaria (Univercity City). It’s so large that there are free university buses that take students and others to different places on the campus. If you’re ever in Mexico City, this is a great place to enjoy and visit!


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