A live mix recorded on a pair of KCD450’s and American Audio TT Turntable.
It’s a dubstep mix, but don’t expect high pitched synths and filthy saw basses. It’s a collection of deep & soulful subby bangers, hope you enjoy.

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A Trip Into Deep Bass Music

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  1. Actually yo can control the dream…if you have read Carlos Castaneda and the teachings of Don Juan then it is explained how to achieve this…but it takes a lot of practice and energy…….start by looking for your hands in your dreams……….when you find them them you can start to control your dreams……..then anything is possible….
    Love the music by the way……

  2. I came back to listen at this masterpiece at least 100 times if not more. 5 years ago I met this mix and I never left it. Thank you to the author(s) for this artwork! ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

  3. Reading the description: "It's a dubstep mix, but don't expect high pitched synths and filthy saw basses". … Ignorance is a bliss. Before I started learning about music, I never cared about complexity of execution. Striking a chord on a guitar sounded just as profound as pulling each of the strings in succession. I definitely ain't starting learning abouth digitally made music. Afraid of spoiling the simply made masterpieces. Ignorance is a bliss.
    My advice: don't look up how to turn magicians into illusionists. Being amazed is great, but if you can't help it: – guessing how they do it by yourself is much more fun. That's how tricks are made.