AFRICA UNCHAINED (rock climbing project)

Hilton Davies (me) and Tinie Versfeld are two old lions in Cape Town, South Africa (who will probably soon be culled by the young lions). We have been climbing since the mid-70s in our land of bountiful trad climbing. Currently we are working on a new route in Africa Amphitheatre on Table Mountain. It will be the fifth 250m line. Four of them are creations by one or both of us. In this video I’m doing my first clean lead of the Full Moon Roof. We used to have a threaded chain half way out on the roof because we were a bit anxious while we worked it and took nice long falls. But we found the essential cam placements and the roof became unchained. As you can see its great fun. Red-point grade is around 25 in South African, E5 in British and 5.12a in American – give or take a grade or so.


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