Airlie Beach Travel Guide – Discovering Magical Australia

Airlie Beach Travel Guide – Discovering Magical Australia

Airlie Beach (or Airlie) is a town in Queensland, Australia and is the closest port from which to access the Whitsunday islands on the Great Barrier Reef. With around 25,000 residents it is developed to cater for almost every kind of tourist and backpacker, and is the major hub for trips out to the Whitsunday islands and Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Abel point marina is the location for taking boats out to islands, and is a brisk fifteen minute walk from Shute Harbour Road, Airlie’s High Street, around a recently renovated sea side board walk. Airlie Beach used to be a backpacker haven but has now been discovered by Australians and has consequently become more commercialised with many large resorts style accommodation operations in recent years. Plenty of good cheap accommodation can still be found with many resorts offering “standby specials”. Airlie Beach has a permanent “holiday feel” with tropical warm weather all year round and is an excellent relaxing stop off on the far North Queensland coast. With two large commercial marinas within 1km of the centre of town (Abel Point 450 berths & Port of Airlie 350 berths) Airlie Beach is a major hub for water activities, sailing and cruising.

The main strip of Airlie where most of the backpacker resorts and pubs are located is usually known as Airlie Beach proper. Cannonvale is the section west of the strip to where the developments peter out. Beyond that is Cannonvalley and Strathdickie – more rural areas where the housing is more acreage style or farming land. Other suburbs in the area are Jubilee Pocket and (10kms away) Shute Harbour. Ferries to the Whitsunday Islands depart from the new Cruise Whitsundays Maritime Terminal located next to the Port of Airlie Marina. The only ferry to Hayman Island departs from Abel Point Marina. Port of Airlie Marina is located at the southern end of the Airlie Beach main street.

Despite its name, Airlie Beach is not the best place for the beach itself. The few near Shute Harbour Rd are small and pretty, but the presence of jellyfish (there are signs up detailing different species near the beaches) means people do not swim in the water from around October to around May. A swim in the water requires a stinger suit – made from rash top type material. However more than making up for this, Airlie has a fantastic man made lagoon.

This is around two hundred metres long and fifty wide, landscaped with a bridge and grass to lie on surrounding. It is watched by life guards during the day and security at night, and because it is open to swim in at all times the lagoon makes relaxing in Airlie pure delight. On Saturday morning there is a charming market along the waterfront, with a range of locally produced foods and souvenirs. Transfers to cruises and daytrips to the Whitsunday Islands and Outer Great Barrier Reef are popular in Airlie.

Transfers to cruises and daytrips to the Whitsunday Islands and Outer Great Barrier Reef are popular in Airlie. The ride to Airlie beach is smooth and takes about 40 minutes. The driver will ask where you are staying and take you to the door of the hostel or hotel in Airlie Beach.

Between the swanky cafes and clinking masts of the Abell Point and Port of Airlie marinas, you’ll find all you need in this beachside holiday hub: bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and a seemingly unending string of flawlessly tanned European backpackers. Those looking to avoid the party scene – families especially – will have no trouble finding quieter lodgings close enough to the centre of town. And if that’s still too hectic, the forests and walking trails of Conway National Park lie just south and east of town.

Flying to Proserpine Airport, also known as Whitsunday Coast Airport, in Proserpine is the easiest way to reach Airlie. There is a train station in Proserpine (26kms west of Airlie beach)for those travelling north or south upon the East coast of Queensland.

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