Nearly 20 states will reopen businesses in some way next week. The news comes as the World Health Organization says there isn’t enough evidence about COVID-19 antibodies to guarantee the accuracy of an “immunity passport.” Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is not holding task force briefings this weekend after he received backlash for his remarks about using heat, light and disinfectant to treat the coronavirus internally. NBC’s Sam Brock reports for Sunday TODAY, and Dr. Richard Besser and Chuck Todd join for analysis.
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Almost 20 States Set To Partially Reopen As US Nears 1,000,000 Coronavirus Cases | Sunday TODAY


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  1. Open everything up let everyone get sick and die…….. Newsflash there's the best idea. I could tell people nightmares about what I see on ambulance in Urban city in CT. Get sick open up and die…. Thanks politicians!!!!

  2. I wonder how many people died in car accidents in LA yesterday? I mean in order to be consistent in their concern wouldn't they need to lower the speed limits, like say to 20 or less? I mean if it saves one life it would be worth it wouldn't it? I guess they're more worried about what it might do to the dollar or reelection chances.

  3. 7:50 – FAKE NEWS REPORTERS – Trump's approval is growing everyday, especially with the Black Vote. Trump continues to erode the Democrat Party and the News Media – it's occurring slowly but steadily. The Election in November 2020 will reflect this.

  4. To be fair, we really need to open up the economy as soon as possible because the longer we wait this out the more businesses will permanently close down. So even if we recover from this pandemic, a lot of people will still be unemployed because there's not a whole lot of jobs to go around. When the unemployment rate is high, suicide rate is also high.

  5. We are all tired of staying at home now for over 2 months. Many of us have reached the breaking point where we either will lose our home or have to go back to work and make money to pay the mortgage and bills that are piling up. I can see a lot of comments here saying stay home, but we can’t stay home any longer or we will lose our home. The banks don’t give anyone a break on paying the mortgage. The credit card companies demand payment. When many peoples bank accounts have been drained of savings, they will have little choice but to go back to work. If people choose to go back to work, the risk can be mitigated by wearing mask, gloves and washing hands a lot. Staying 6 ft away from everyone and changing gloves frequently will mitigate the risk of catching the desease. Life is about managing risk and reducing the risk. By going to work I also take the chance of being hit by a train, a car or a bus. By going to work there is an increased risk of catching the virus. Also, by going shopping for food, you can catch the virus. Life is about choices and freedom to choose. Proper wearing of masks and gloves is how we can all reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The sick, the elderly and those infected should be quarantined. Healthy people need to decide if they can safely go back to work. Most healthy people can make the decision to go back to work in a safe manner covering with a mask and gloves. The risk is minimal if you take the proper precautions. Lets get back to work already my fellow healthy Americans. Lets get back to work wearing gloves, mask, washing hands and socially distancing ourselves. I’m bring my guns to work. It’s legal to open carry at your own place of employment. Me and my painters will all be armed and working wearing mask and gloves. We Americans can do anything we put our minds to do. Lets get back to work and do it safely.

  6. The right time to reopen was in the plans long before anyone heard of a coronavirus. The timing is the same for any pandemic…."after the danger has passed." That is when you reopen society. Reopening while still in the acceleration phase will lead to predictable results…. a lot more business for the undertaker. It's an election year and you can't trust government to act in your interests. The only thing saving anyone with this suicidal reopening is their own common sense in recognizing that it's crazy. Of course some fools want it reopened. Ok, let them go infect themselves; after they are gone, the collective intelligence of the country will raise. That's cruel to say, but Darwin was right… the dumb get removed from the gene pool while the smarter propagate.