An Easy Way To Ski Moguls Like a PRO

Hi, and welcome to this brief Mogul Skiing tutorial. On this particular day we were supposed to train gates for an upcoming race but due to heavy snow fall the training got called. So what better to do than to ski some bumps.

On the fly we made a quick mogul skiing tutorial. I did not have my video camera with me so we made it with my phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We did it for fun just to see how it works out and planned to redo it with proper gear later. However, this turned out to be great entertaining stuff so we are going to post it as it is. Also, best videos are the improvised amateur ones. At least those I find interesting. A little bit of a behind the camera and how it was made feel.

Disclaimer. This is not a beginners tutorial for beginners on how to ski bumps since skiing bumps requires some basic skills such as mastering the short turn and being able to ski steep slopes. However, it is a beginners guide to intermediate to advanced skiers that never really mastered the bumps. In this video I’m trying to explain some basic principles around mogul skiing.

I had no manuscript and we did only one take on everything. Editing is pretty much straight forward as it was out on the hill.

Thanks Rabbe for your spectacular Mono Skiing Stunts. Also to Chris for taking a sincere interest in mogul skiing. THE KING OF ALPINE DISCIPLINES after Ski Jumping and Biathlon 🙂


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