Animation Concepts 202: Creating Backgrounds – 9. Drawing the Layout

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Animation Concepts 202: Creating Backgrounds by Siobhan Twomey
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In this second course of her Background Design series, professional artist and trainer Siobhan Twomey, gets into more of the nitty gritty of the techniques and tools of the trade.

She starts from the very rough thumbnail stages and steps you right through to the end where you have a beautifully-rendered, fully-fledged animation-ready background. Along the way, Siobhan teaches you how to prepare, rough out and clean up your layout in preparation for adding color to your scene.

In the Coloring stages, not only does she give you color ideas, but using Adobe Photoshop, she also shows you how to make the best use of the Selection, Pen and Brush Tools to accomplish specific tasks that each tool is best suited for. As she progresses through the project, Siobhan also teaches you the importance of drawing on layers to stay organized.

Once the coloring is done, she takes everything one step further to give the project the truly professional look you are used to seeing in Films and TV. In this section, Siobhan teaches you how to add Textures, Shading and Highlights. These are the kinds of pro touches that will take your project from great to truly outstanding!

So, watch this course now to get inspired and learn how to make your background designs look incredible while serving as a solid foundation for any animation project!
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