Are European Car Delivery Programs Worth the Effort?

—Are European car delivery programs worth it?—
I decided to see how European Delivery Programs from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volvo stack up against negotiating a car for pick-up in the U.S.  

—How does a European Car Delivery Program Work?—
The idea is you buy a luxury car from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, or Volvo (Audi and Saab both retired their programs) and pick it up at the factory in Europe.  You’ll typically get a discount on the price of the car plus a travel deal.  After you visit the factory in Munich, Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, or Gothenburg Sweden you can cruise around Europe for a couple weeks and drop off your car at a pre-approved location.

All programs include a factory tour and meal, international car insurance and registration for 2 weeks.  When you’re done they’ll ship the car back to the U.S. for you free of charge, but keep in mind this is not the same as the destination fee.


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