At the Legendary EPIC Run in RUSSIA

Hello, my Dearest Friends! Welcome back to our channel!
Welcome to another Russian vlog, that I filmed at the legendary epic run in Russia, in a small town called Kalach-na-Donu.
I like this episode so much! It is long, but there is so much to watch in it! You are going to see remote Russia far away from Moscow, real Russia, different Russia that you can`t see in most popular big travel vlogs, you are also going to learn some Russian history and see what local people do to celebrate important holidays.

If you are interested in Russia, travel far from Moscow to the remote areas of my native country. Here you can see the real Russian life, interesting traditions and customs, unusual places and many other remarkable things.

Today I would like to show you the most epic run in Russia that takes place every year in one of the most important historic places in Russia.

This year I`ve become a participant of the run “Memory”, dedicated to the beginning of the counteroffence at Stalingrad. This video is not just a simple Russia travel vlog when I want to show you another small Soviet remote Russian town in the Volgograd region, it is a story about my small victory 🙂 I`ve never taken part in such a run before! And today I`d like you to support me! If you like me as a small Russian blogger, as a storyteller, as a vlogger from Russia, if you like to watch my videos where a Russian speaks English and tells you about the life in Russia and many different interesting events here, please, put the thumb up and write a comment for me! Show me your support and approval, please! I need it so much!
Thank you very much for being with us and for supporting our channel, a channel of small Russian bloggers on Youtube, who tell you stories and help you to learn the Russian language! Welcome to our epic Run in the heart of epic Russia! 🙂

If you would like to support my small channel, you can do it now! And I`ll be very grateful to you! ❤️

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