ATVs or UTVs: Which Suits Landowners Best?

Four-wheelers and dirt bikes are often associated with recreational activities, such as racing and hunting; however, a large percentage of consumers purchase these all-terrain vehicles for different reasons. Because they often own expansive stretches of undeveloped property, landowners frequently need the ability to move across these areas with relative ease. All-terrain vehicles provide the perfect way for these people to get to where they need to go and accomplish their goals without wasting time. That said, although ATVs tend to work well for most any situation; there are times when utility-terrain vehicles function better.

When ATVs are appropriate

If you like to move quickly over rugged terrain, a dirt bike may be exactly what you’re looking for. When they are operated in the correct fashion, off-road motorcycles are considerably safe, especially when riders take the time to don the appropriate safety gear. That being said, numerous people aren’t capable of keeping a dirt bike upright, especially when moving across rough land. If you need to consistently reach relatively distant parts of your property, a four-wheeler may make more sense.

Sometimes called quad bikes, four wheelers are perfect for seniors who can’t afford to endure a serious accident, as well as younger property owners who need more power and cargo space to get things done around their land. Since these ATVs are able to easily rumble over rough terrain, they are ideal for property owners who need to consistently enter wooded areas. When outfitted with functional ATV accessories, such as winches, tie-downs, straps and GPS systems, four-wheelers prove invaluable to hunters interested in moving fresh deer carcasses, as well as ordinary landowners who need to clear debris.

When utility-terrain vehicles are appropriate

Unlike all-terrain vehicles, UTVs are not usually intended for recreational purposes. Most often, utility-terrain vehicles are intended to perform a function of some sort, such as moving cargo or people over relatively long distances. When most people picture UTVs, they think of golf carts; however, a variety of styles are available, with each one offering varying degrees of power.

Utility-terrain vehicles are often used by property owners who live on grassy or flat lands, as opposed to those who live on wooded properties, which tend to become overgrown with cumbersome vegetation. That said, when they are outfitted with certain types of UTV accessories, these vehicles are able to navigate over land that might ordinarily be inaccessible to four-wheelers. For instance, property owners who live in snowy climates often fit their UTVs with snow tracks, so they are able to easily move across snow-laden country.

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