Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Review – PC VR done right?

Looking for a higher resolution virtual reality headset for your Windows-based PC? Want SteamVR support as well as Oculus Store support? Aukey has a solution for you, one that runs a 4K screen and is compatible with just about every major VR system under the sun. Meet the Cortex 4K, a VR headset that gives you ultra sharp UHD 4K imagery without the need for a 4K TV. Powered by Pimax, this one is very similar to the Pimax 4K, which is also available for the same price. At $399 it’s cheaper than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but without a controller pack-in or room scale VR, is this one worth it? Find out in our review!

Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset at Amazon:

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