Australia ROAD TRIP Begins! Sea Cliff Bridge, Sharkey's Beach, Touching Ocean, Australia with Kids

We’re driving South down the coast from Sydney. We’re planning to travel slowly and check out many small towns, beaches, and parks on our Australian road trip. There is no schedule, we’re taking each day as it comes and we haven’t booked any hotels in advance. In this video we get our fist views of the beautiful Australian coastline, touch the ocean in Australia for the first time, and check out the Sea Cliff Bridge. …. Oh yeah, the steering wheel is on the other side of the car and we’re supposed to drive on the other side of the road–this should be fun! It was a pretty awesome first day of our road trip!

Family travel from a child’s perspective. Two young travellers share their thoughts and experiences as they travel the world. It’s a great adventure filled with unbelievable experiences!

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Intro Music: No Copyright Sounds
You – Axol x Alex Skrindo

Background Music: Used with license
Fly Away – Magnetic Clouds
The Grand Escape – Boheme
Oceanside Love – John Isaac

Exit Music: No Copyright Sounds
Where Do I Go – Brandon Jonak & Pep.B (feat. Ezra James)


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