Avalanche at Swiss ski resort Andermatt buries 'a number' of skiers

At least two people were injured and “a number” of people buried when an swept down a sky slope in Andermatt, Switzerland, state police said Thursday.

“We believe there are more people buried but we can’t say how many,” Reto Pfister, state police spokesperson in the Swiss canton of Uri, told NBC News.

The police first received reports of the avalanche at 10:50 a.m., Emergency services including Alpine Rescue Switzerland, Swiss Air Ambulance and the state police were involved in the ongoing rescue operation. The two people who were rescued were flown by air ambulance to the hospital with minor injuries, Four others were rescued or freed themselves from the avalanche without injury, according to a police statement.

“The longer the search takes the smaller the chance they get away without an injury or danger to life,” he said.


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