BASF Media Night at K2019 – Empowering the future together

True partnership is more than alliances and collaboration. It’s about building on each other’s strengths and achieving a shared goal.
At our K2019 media night on October 16, Christian Bauer, President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG and Paul Smith, Senior Director, Footwear Innovation adidas FUTURE join the stage to give us the insights shared from their experiences in partnering with BASF on their recent projects. Together with Wayne Smith, Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, Martin Jung, President Performance Materials and Matthias Scheibitz, New Market Development, they will present two groundbreaking concepts:

1. The VisionVenture Concept Camper
Caravaning is more popular than ever before. BASF and HYMER have therefore asked themselves what mobile travel could look like in 2025. The answer is VisionVenture. The vehicle is a near-series view of the future of the motorhome. With the help of more than 20 innovative BASF plastics and the development expertise of the BASF Creation Center, a new vehicle class has been created that sets standards in terms of lightweight construction, self-sufficiency, travel experience and design.

2. The adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoe
Today, sports shoes are made from a variety of materials like different plastics, glue or rubber. It is difficult to separate them in order to recycle and repurpose them. As a result, valuable material goes to waste. BASF collaborated with adidas to combine high-end product performance with innovative ways to make plastics products recyclable and to turn plastic waste into new products. “FUTURECRAFT.LOOP” is the first concept running shoe, which can be broken down and repurposed to create material for new shoes. It’s adidas’ first running shoe that is specifically made to be remade – the result of close to a decade’s research and development across Asia, Europe and North America, alongside a number of development and manufacturing partners.


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