Bears in Russia?! Someone much more surprising instead!

Hello, my dearest friends! Welcome back to our channel!
Today I`ve prepared another Russia travel vlog for you. I like to make Russia travel guide videos from our trips to Sochi Russia. As you know, it is my favourite place in Remote Russia far from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Frankly speaking, I`m totally convinced, that this city is much better than our two capitals 🙂 I like it very much!
It is an unusual Russian town. If you imagine much snow and bears in Russia, walking along the streets, you will be surprised by the views of Sochi. It is one of the most interesting and unusual places that you can visit when you decide to travel to Russia! There are no Russian bears here, no snow and no gloomy streets. But there is a warm black sea, lots of fruits and different yummies and something exciting here. It is a perfect place for you Vacation in Russia!
Welcome to my new Sochi Russia travel vlog! Thank you very much for watching and for your support! Travel deeper Russia, come to Sochi! 🙂


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