Beating Extremely Difficult Mario Maker 2 Levels #2 – Kaizo 3D World is INSANE!

Since Mario Maker 2 only allows you to upload 32 levels, I decided to play some extremely difficult levels to pass the time. These are some of the more popular levels that came out in the first week of the game. I also decided to put the level name, creator, and code in the top left of the video.

Whalers on the Moon by GlitchCat7 – B3X-FL7-CPF
Stone Temple Pilot by GlitchCat7 – QC1-9CH-XWF
Stone Cold Stunner by GlitchCat7 – 8X9-FL2-GQG
Double Special Delivery by Mork_ – GH1-5X8-GWG
Cat Trick Eχ2 by TiVoKen – R3K-Y6L-LLF



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