Beginner Ski Lesson #1.3 – The Snow Plough

The Snow Plough or wedge is an invaluable tool for the skier. As a beginner it will allow you to control your speed and stop for the first time. In this ski lesson from the creators of the Ski School Apps ( ) ski instructor Darren Turner explains how to do a snow plough when skiing and sets you up for the next lesson, where you will make your first snow plough turns on skis. A flat area and then a gentle slope are the best locations for this demo, you’ll also need a buddy.

Ski School Beginners v2.0 on the iTunes App Store:

Watch out for the rest of the series, download the apps, and remember for your safety that they are a supplement, not a replacement to on-slope tuition with a qualified ski instructor. If this skiing lesson is too basic for you, check out our Intermediate and Advanced apps and YouTube series.

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