Beijing for the first time! 🇨🇳 China travel film

Before going to Beijing, I heard so many negative stories about China. Things like people will always try to rip you off or the streets are dangerous and dirty, so on.. 
But when I actually got there I was surprised because the city was quite clean and safe. And also the food tasted better than I’ve expected haha
The best part of the trip was visiting the historical places in and around Beijing. China is rich in history so there are many places to visit. 4 days were far from enough to even visit the famous places.

Over all I enjoyed my trip!👍

[ Places ]

 Tiananmen square
 Forbidden city
 Summer Palace
 Great wall
[ Music ]

 ​The Loyalist – Lotus Lane
 by Preconceived Notions is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
 Music provided by BreakingCopyright:

 Sad Guitar and Violin Music – Forgotten
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