Best Laughter Moments – Super Mario 3d World – Game Grumps Compilation [UNOFFICIAL]

This laughter compilation (the best moments of Danny & Arin laughing) features one of my all-time favorite GameGrumps playthroughs: Super Mario 3d World! It’s so fun seeing the back-and-forth trolling, especially when Dan gets all giddy and unashamed for doing it.

As many commenters pointed out in my actual trolling compilation, for some reason when Arin trolls Dan it seems fitting, but when Dan trolls Arin it’s beyond hilarious. Must be the Grump & Not-So-Grump characters at work!

Anyhow, I don’t say it enough but I sincerely appreciate you watching. This is NOT an official Game Grumps compilation – this is proudly made by PeterPlays.

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