Best Month to Visit Costa Rica

Best Month to Visit Costa Rica
Why should you visit Costa Rica in November? It’s the best time to visit for many reasons. The weather is calmer as it going to change from the rainy to dry season. That means you won’t have to deal with so many rainy days. Prices in airfares and hotels drop with fewer people traveling because of fewer tourists. For example, many Americans and Canadians will travel during December as the dry season begins, yet they won’t travel in November. Why is that? That’s because of holidays such as Thanksgiving will keep many Americans at home instead of traveling. This gives you an opportunity to visit the country at afforable prices. Also, with fewer tourists, it gives you chances to explore Costa Rica without dealing with many tourists. Meeting tourists can be great, but many want to explore without the hassle of dealing with so many tourists. Costa Rica is the best to check out in November!!!! Remember- THE VOYAGE IS CONTAGIOUS!!!!
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