Best Oculus Go VR Games (2019)

VR gaming is easier than ever with Oculus Go, a tether-free virtual reality headset offering a great selection of free and paid games on the Oculus Store. Here we round up our favourite Oculus Go titles as we head into 2019, from horror games and action-packed shooters to RPGs and other genres.

Our full list of best VR games includes:

Anshar Online
A co-op dogfighter shooter which allows you to customise your ship and then take on various contracts, or race/battle other players.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
One of the original titles to hit the Oculus Go is still one of the very best party games out there – Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. Disarm a bomb with some help from friends.

The Well
A simple yet strangely addictive Oculus Go RPG. Combat plays out as a first person turn-based battle, with great VR graphics.

Eclipse: Edge of Light
A relaxing exploration and puzzle solving game. Short, but the slickly designed alien world is immersive and fun to explore.

Dead Secret (and Dark Secret Circle)
A psychological horror game for Oculus Go with puzzle solving and clue hunting.

A hyperactive rhythm game which requires super-fast reactions to beat.

End Space
Another intense space shooter like Anshar, End Space is single-player only but still utterly compelling. Enjoyable missions, slick controls and gorgeous graphics.


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