Best of Skydiving | 200 JUMPS MARK COMPILATION

This is my 100 to 200 jump skydiving video compilation. The best of my skydiving!

Skydiving came to me during a time that I wasn’t at my best self, it was something that I was planning on doing for a very long time and finally I did it. It changed my life completely!

Parachuting or skydiving is as sport that what people call extreme sports, but its extreme for people that are not doing skydive daily, for us that skydive we don’t see it as an extreme sport we see it more as a way of living. When we jump we feel free, we are not scared but freedom and happiness are the only feelings we have.

This is a compilation of my last 100 jumps, its my best of tracking and my best of freeflying. I love almost all the disciplines in skydive or parachuting, I like freefly, tracking, flying the canopy, literally I like to fall out of airplanes in any way!

Container: Icon V I2
Suit: TonFly 618 Race
Helmet: TonFly TFX
Altimeter: L&B Visio2+

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