Best of Skydiving Summer 2019

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Here is a brief look into my First Summer of Skydiving in Texas in 2019. It has been an Amazing Year were I got A-Licensed and Took my First Jumps as a Licensed Skydiver. This Channel is going to be devoted to How I became a skydiver and what it’s like to be a skydiver and also Bringing some Unique Tools for Empowerment and Transformation threw Spirituality. Ive Grown A Lot This Year! Follow Me on This Youtube Channel and my Socials and Grow With Me!

Creating This Mashup was Also the Coolest Experience Ever, as I used to tend to be intimidated by computers and tech and editing, but threw a few Amazing Advices from a few Amazing people, I really Learned to take the reigns for myself and Edit my own Content. Gotta Say Editing is my new Muze and it brings out My Natural Creative Side

Audio in this Video: The Dubstep by Infraction

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