Best Pro Tactics and Strategies to Help you Win on Inferno | #CSGO | Tips and tricks

We’ve put collectively the very best skilled ways on Inferno that will help you win one of the vital in style maps extra usually.
Find out how the professionals throw smokes, flashbangs, and use #AWP ways to efficiently management Banana and all the different vital areas on Inferno.

This compilation of highlights from #IEM Chicago, #ESL Professional League, and extra will present you the way groups like Astralis, Fnatic, Staff Liquid, MIBR, and others arrange, execute, and defend the A and B websites. We’ve even acquired Taco on an AWP so that you can get pleasure from.
0:15 A-split (North vs. MIBR at ECS Season 6 Finals)
1:48 A Flats Execution (by Astralis of their match vs. Fnatic within the IEM Chicago)
3:19 Aggression On Quick vs B-site Execution (ESL Professional League Season 8 Grand Last that includes Astralis and Staff Liquid)
4:48 Single Banana Management and Passive A-site Protection (Astralis vs. Fnatic IEM Chicago semifinal)
5:42 Single Banana Management and Aggressive A-site Protection (Astralis vs. Fnatic IEM Chicago semifinal)

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