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This video is for: Anyone looking to rapidly improve at CS:GO, or learn various CS:GO maps such as Dust II, Inferno, Cache, and many others. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by learning strategies that will improve their CS:GO rank quickly.

Concepts: Rank up at CS:GO, CS:GO ranks, CS:GO improvement, get Global Elite CS:GO, CS:GO S1mple, CS:GO S1mple settings, CS:GO s1mple improvement.

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  1. i just started the video and i can already tell its wrong, you cant garentee a kill even if you do something right, cuz the play isnt just "im gonna do this" most plays that work, simply work cuz the player understands map rotations positioning and has a bunch of info to create the play. you dont just go "well im gonna get a kill 100% of the time everytime i do this" if that was true cs would be the easiest game on earth

  2. 5:30 I would have said train is one of the worst maps for awpers! Because there's so much verticality in it, it can be very difficult to hold angles with the awp whereas on inferno people tend to be in much more predictable places. No?

  3. After the recent update (adding of swamp and mutiny) I am experiencing frame drops. I used to play at 120 fps. It is now down to 90-100 fps. What should I do now?
    Also sometimes in some parts of the maps my game experiences heavy frame drops. For example: In dust2, everything is fine when I am on A long. As soon as I enter pit, frame drops. Normal when I come out. Is there any issue with my pc?