Bill and Ted have finally delivered a final chapter to their epic saga. Bill and Ted Face the Music is a long awaited and long delayed sequel that finally has the titular characters hunting the song that unites the universe. Is this a most excellent sequel or a bogus disappointment?

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Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020) – Movie Review

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  1. The perfect example of a film made with love, care and FOR the fans. Ive been waiting for this film for so long and im glad it finally got made. i think we need a film like this right now and film snobs and critics just need to turn their brains off for a second and just enjoy it for what it is. Great review..we get it sept 16th in cinemas here in the uk so im excited to see it on the big screen. From what i keep hearing FTM is a great bookend to the trilogy which is nice to hear. We need some silly, fun, positivity right now. not everything has to be realistic, dark and gritty. Its great to see reeved back in something fun and light hearted too, and it looks like him, sadler and winter just stepped back into the roles effortlessly. You can tell the cast and original writers and creators chris matheson and ed soloman had a genuine love for this project. Be excellent!!

  2. Alex Winter did such an excellent job in this movie that it made Keanu a little weaker. I watched the first 2 before watching this one and Alex looks exactly the same. Keanu looks different and he just seemed exhausted the whole film.

  3. Do you think you and Durbania could do a spoiler review series for the Underworld Franchise?
    Because I am huge fan of the one you guys did for the Alien Franchise.
    I know you, Durbania and Sean Chandler did a ranking video for them.

    But I would love it if you and Durbania do spoiler reviews for each Underworld movie together.

  4. I've to disagree with you on your flaw, Too many movies are already made for people under 25, Some of the biggest problems with sequels or reboots of older franchises like the god awful Terminator movie from last year, Star Wars Episode 7-9 and others is they focus too much on trying to get new fans but pretty much spit on the previous movies and older fans. Like I said, Not everything needs to be made for 20 year olds.

  5. For me "Death" stole the show again!…I guess it was fine. I loved how they paid respects to George Carlin. The movie itself…I dunno man. It might have to grow on me a bit. At times, I was in cringe mode.. LMAO But that ending after the credits. That was the best part!!!!!

  6. Even though my expectations weren't quite met, which admittedly is my own fault, I agree. I think that this is the most satisfying way to end the conclusion of the now trilogy give or take a few things here and there. I LOVED Death's reprisal! Him playing tether ball in hell! That's an epic throwback to when I was in middle school and we'd play that at recess. LOVED THIS FILM, LOVED UR REVIEW MAN!