Black Friday 2020 Beware When Purchasing the Gerber LMF II Knife and Sheath With Infra-Red Resistance

I’ve achieved intensive analysis on the Gerber LMF II knives and located a TON of misinformation on the web. One of many newest gadgets I’ve uncovered considerations the Inexperienced LMF II ASEK knife.

I’ve discovered many sellers which have listed the Gerber LMF II knives incorrectly on their websites. Every thing from calling the Camel Brown knife an ASEK to saying that the sheath for the Black Infantry knife is infra pink resistant. Right here you will see that the reality about these knives. My info is backed up by correspondence with the Gerber Client Affairs Division.

We are going to begin with the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II ASEK knife mannequin# 22-01627. The deal with on this knife AND the sheath are (IR) resistant.

Subsequent up is the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II Infantry knife mannequin# 22-01626. The deal with on this knife AND the sheath are (IR) resistant.

Now for the Foliage Inexperienced LMF II Knife mannequin# 22-01117. Sure, you CAN purchase simply the knife, and sure, the deal with is (IR) resistant.

You possibly can ALSO purchase simply the sheath, mannequin# 22-01118. It too is (IR) resistant.

Beginning to see a sample? Any of the Foliage Inexperienced knives AND sheaths have the infra-red resistance constructed into them.

Now, right here is crucial half. NONE of the opposite LMF II knives or sheaths are infra-red resistant.

You will notice the Camel Brown LMF II Survival knife referred to as an ASEK and that it has the IR resistance however no such knife exists. The Camel Brown LMF II knife solely comes within the Survival and Infantry variations. The identical is true for the Black LMF II knife besides that it ONLY comes within the Infantry model.

BE CAREFUL while you purchase your LMF II knives on-line. It’s best to purchase from a good supplier and if in any respect potential use the mannequin quantity to substantiate you’re getting the right knife.

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