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In recent times, breakfast has grow to be a luxurious for the folks of Iraq. Financial sanctions imposed by the U.N. in 1991 devastated the nation’s day-to-day meals provide. The a lot maligned oil-for-food program established in 1995 appeared to create extra controversy than reduction. This system was terminated in 2003 – the identical yr that Iraq was invaded by a U.S. led coalition. In 2006, conventional Iraqi breakfasts stay a hardly ever talked about casualty of battle.

Below the regime of Saddam Hussein, breakfast had already been at risk. Over the past 5 years of his rein, it was reported that 400,000 Iraqi youngsters underneath the age of 5 died of malnutrition and illness. Past killing breakfast eaters, the regime was actually killing breakfast. Substantiated tales inform us that Saddam Hussein ordered the clearing of hundreds of thousands of date palms in an effort to root out snipers in the course of the Iran-Iraq Battle. As you may see, dates are a vital a part of the Iraqi breakfast expertise.

On this report, we think about Iraqi breakfast because it was earlier than international navy intervention, because it nonetheless is when the elements can be found, and as we hope it’ll resurface within the very close to future.

Till 1918, Iraq was generally known as Mesopotamia which interprets to “land between rivers”. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers dissect the nation and the Iraqi inhabitants is narrowly concentrated round an agricultural belt alongside these rivers. Whereas Iraq receives comparatively little rainfall, the soil across the rivers is well-suited to develop many crops vital to breakfast together with wheat, figs, dates, citrus fruits, melons, beans, onions and numerous herbs. Arid areas are of Iraq are higher suited to rising barely, an vital grain particularly throughout occasions of drought.

About 10% of Iraq is appropriate for grazing livestock. Sheep and goat outnumber cattle, making sheep and goat milk (and cheeses) extra frequent breakfast choices than their cow-made counterpart. Buffalo milk and cheeses are additionally standard though the variety of buffalo in Iraq are dwarfed by the beforehand point out livestock.

Roughly 95% of the Iraqi inhabitants is Muslim. Of these, 54 % are Shi’ite, and 41 % are Sunni. The principle distinction between the Shi’ite and Sunni sects is a conflicting perception relating to the rightful heirs to Muslim authority, a battle which dates again to the early historical past of the Muslim faith. Regardless of the well-known hostility between the teams, they share comparable Muslim beliefs, observe the identical spiritual holidays and eat the identical breakfasts.

Till not too long ago, a good variety of Jews referred to as Iraq house. In reality, almost one quarter of the inhabitants of Baghdad was Jewish in the course of the nineteenth century. In 1948, the Iraqi Jewish group was estimated at 150,000. However that quantity has now dwindled to the low lots of. Whereas your common Muslim in Iraq will not be a fan of the Jews, they’re quietly liable to take pleasure in Jewish-inspired delicacies and that is sometimes mirrored on the breakfast desk.

Iraqi delicacies is strongly influenced by neighboring nations, Turkey and Iran. One meals write generalized Iraqi meals as “a mix of normal Arabic delicacies with Persian influences and Turkish affect within the north.”

Breakfast in Iraq is usually a lightweight meal. Egg dishes are pretty frequent. Breakfast cereals will not be.

Like many nations, Iraq’s major breakfast staple is bread. A flat bread generally known as khubz and an oval-shaped bread loaf referred to as samoon are discovered individually or in tandem at most meals. At breakfast, bread is loved with butter, jam, honey, cheese, Libna (yogurt with olive oil), date molasses, sesame paste and just about the whole lot else accessible that you could placed on bread or dip bread in. Bread additionally acts as key element in most breakfast recipes which can be thought of uniquely Iraqi.

Gaymer (Generally Discovered as “Geimer “)

Gaymer is the phrase for very creamy, thick white cream constituted of buffalo milk. A well-known counterpart could be the better-known clotted cream. The most typical use of this cream in Iraq is in a recipe referred to as Gaymer Wa Dibis. On this dish, bread items are dipped into each gaymer and dibis (the Arabic phrase for the date syrup). Like many Iraqi breakfast favorites, Gaymer Wa Dibis is commonly loved from communal trays, with fingers performing as the one utensils. Some Iraqis favor honey thus far syrup. Others may add candied apricot to their Gaymer Wa Dibis. There are even variations with yogurt, olives and cheeses changing the standard elements.


A breakfast dish of Jewish Babylonian descent referred to as Kahi is one other favourite in Iraq. A relative of baklava, kahi consists of very skinny folded layers of filo-style dough that’s baked after which drenched with honey or a flavored sugar syrup referred to as sheera (to not be confused with the breakfast porridge from India of the identical title). Kahi is usually eaten with the above talked about gaymer cream.

In Iraq, it is customary for the mom of a brand new bride to deliver breakfast (normally Kahi) to the house of her new son-in-law the morning after the marriage.


In northern and central Iraq, beans play an vital roll in breakfast. A standard bean dish of Maltese descent referred to as bigilla is standard as each a breakfast dish and a snack.

The principle ingredient of bigilla is a particular kind of broad beans referred to as “ful ta girba”. The beans are soaked in a single day and combined with olive oil and different elements to type a paste or dip. Bigilla is nearly all the time served with bread. A typical breakfast variation is to serve the bigilla over torn items of bread with a fried egg on prime.

Ramadan Breakfast

Muslim Iraqis have a good time Ramadan the complete ninth month of the Muslim yr. Throughout Ramadan, no meals or water could also be consumed from dawn to sundown. Muslims imagine fasting makes them stronger of their religion and helps them establish with the poor and hungry.

Breakfast throughout Ramadan is known as suhur and it have to be eaten earlier than daybreak. Suhur normally consists of grains, seeds, dates, bananas, and different meals which can be thought of gradual to digest since their subsequent meal could as many as 16 hours away.

Different Iraqi Breakfast Favorites

A number of different objects you may discover for breakfast in Iraq embody pastries crammed with dates, omelets and different egg dishes, candied oranges, rice topped with egg, hen, numerous soups, bananas and melons.

Bacon, sausage and ham are very hardly ever seen in Iraq as Muslims are forbidden by God to eat pork.

The most well-liked breakfast drinks in Iraq are espresso and tea. Most Iraqis brew their espresso thick and bitter, and take it black. Tea is most frequently sweetened and served in small glasses. Fruit juices are additionally standard.

The next Iraqi Breakfast Recipes can be found at Mr

– Makhlama bil Sbenagh (Iraqi Spinach Omelet)

– Sheera (Date Syrup)

– Gaymer Wa Dibis (Buffalo Cream & Date Syrup)

– Kahi (Breakfast Pastry)

– Bigilla (Breakfast Bean Paste)

When you’d ever wish to make these Iraqi dishes for a good friend, you might wish to inform that good friend about a terrific Iraqi customized: It isn’t match to return the neighbor’s dish empty. From sharing breakfast from communal trays to creating positive no good breakfast deed goes unrewarded, the custom of breakfast in Iraq ought to present us that the majority Iraqis are first rate folks.

Editorial By Mr Breakfast

The Iraqi folks could not like us an excessive amount of generally. They might see American males as gluttons and American girls as sluts. However you recognize what? Once I’m in a nasty temper, generally I see the world that manner too. Loads of Westerners generalize the Iraqi folks because the enemy. That is what you do whenever you’re dragged into battle. However we now have to keep in mind that in the long run, we’re all simply folks… all of us fall asleep at night time and all of us stand up within the morning. And thru all of it, after we wake, the very first thing our our bodies crave is just not democracy, spiritual solidarity or blood… it is breakfast… one meal… one vital manner that we would discover that it is higher to find out about cultures and probably even respect them, earlier than we blindly contemplate them bizarre or immoral and denounce them. Could breakfast deliver our nations nearer collectively because it does our households. Amen (The identical closing for each Christian and Muslim prayer, though in Iraq it’s usually spelled “Aameen” and spoken with rolling gargle sound after the primary syllable).

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