Black Friday 2020 Cutting Edge Knives By Cutco Cutlery

You may already be familiar with Cutco, a name that has people have come to equate with quality and value. Knives manufactured by Cutco are free of corrosion and remain in excellent condition even over many years of use. Because of the quality associated with the Cutco brand, Cutco knives are often gifts. Cutco sells its products through home demos presented by salespeople.

The Cutco Corporation was created when the Alcoa and Case Cutlery companies joined forces in 1949. The new company combined their names to create Al-Cas. They manufactured and sold kitchen knives that were both affordable and high quality.

The company expanded with its acquisition of the Vector Marketing Corporation in 1985. With Vector joining to handle the marketing, Cutco cutlery began to be sold via independent sales representatives. In 2009, the company changed its name from Alcas to Cutco.

Cutco has a store in Erie, Pennsylvania and another in East Lansing, Michigan. A third shall be opening in Indianapolis, Indiana during the first part of 2011. However, the main way that Cutco sells its products is through in-home parties given by independent sales representatives.

Cutco’s award-winning knives are all manufactured in Olean, New York. These knives won the award for “Best Cutlery Brand” in’s reader’s choice awards. ( is a major information portal for consumers.) The award gives testimony to the company’s loyal following and strong branding since its earliest days. Cutco also produces cookware, flatware and kitchen accessories, some of which may be manufactured in China.

It is a well-known fact that Cutco knives can be returned to the company at any time for sharpening. This guarantee, known as the “Forever Guarantee” applies to all their knives.

Despite their economical price, Cutco knives offer plenty of value, including:

Produced using a blade embossing technology

Properly weighted for balance

The blade is built smoothly into the handle making bolstering unnecessary

Constructed of a high carbon steel.

Impervious to rusting or staining

Designed with safety in mind. (The knives are designed in such a way that your thumb and forefinger cannot get in the way. This is known as “hand perfect” design.)

The handles are made of a chip-free and fade-proof thermo resin that will never crack.

Its triple riveted design ensures that the knife will be comfortable to use and remain usable.

Cutco has continued to expand the range of its products since 1949. In addition to kitchen cutlery, they now produce cookware, kitchen utensils and sport and hunting knives, all available through your local sales representatives.

How Cutco Can Help You Earn Extra Cash

You can learn more about Cutco products and how to run successful in-home demonstrations of Cutco products by having your own in-home party for friends and family. Ask your local sales representative for details.

With Vector marketing’s training in how to run a successful home-based business as a sales representative for Cutco, you will find that you can become involved in a career that is both exciting and rewarding.

Cutco’s independent sales representatives offer you complete flexibility in how you schedule your parties and other events. This makes it particularly popular among college students who sell during the summer time, holiday’s breaks and on the weekend. Vector Marketing helps these students learn skills in marketing and sales in a real job that earns them the chance to make real money.

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