Black Friday 2020 Properly Seasoning a Wok – Method 1

I take pleasure in Oriental cooking. I particularly take pleasure in cooking Oriental cooking in a well-seasoned wok. Not solely is it the last word “One Pan” cooking expertise, the cleanup is straightforward, fast, and handy.

I repeat: To attain that degree of efficiency, one will need to have a well-seasoned wok.

My different article on this collection: “Correctly Seasoning a Wok – Methodology 2” spells out a sophisticated strategy to season a wok, however it’s not completely appropriate for all. The tactic does generate a substantial quantity of smoke, which in a small residence may very well be uncomfortable (smoke alarms are undoubtedly noisy little wonders). I did attempt utilizing an outside grill, and had reasonable success.

This extra conventional methodology of seasoning follows an older, extra typical process that you could be discover extra to your liking. I take advantage of this with each excessive carbon and chrome steel woks. The aim is to create a tough carbon coating on the within of the wok that’s nearly non-stick.

Warning: this methodology solely works with typical woks. Do not use it with non-stick woks. You’ll smash it!

The Conventional Methodology:

1. If the wok is obtained with wood handles eliminated, don’t connect till you have accomplished seasoning the wok. If the handles are connected, the process is a bit more difficult. Wash the newly acquired wok in and out with sizzling, soapy water. A superb detergent is really useful, together with a stiff cleansing pad. Vigorously scour the within to take away any residual oils that could be used to fabricate your wok. Dry the wok totally with paper towels. Place in a preheated 250°F. oven till too sizzling to the touch. That may pressure all of the water out of the metallic’s pores.

2. Wipe the within of the wok with a paper towel or material dipped in clear vegetable oil, placing a skinny coat on the metallic. Place wok in a 400° F. oven for 1 hour.

3. Repeat Step #2 at the very least twice extra.

4. Place wok on stovetop and let cool utterly. Then utilizing solely sizzling water, rinse out the wok, eradicating any residual oil. Wipe dry with paper towels and coat the inside with a skinny movie of oil. Wipe off any extra. Connect the handles.

5. By no means scour a wok’s insides with cleaning soap and a pad.

6. Use solely sizzling water and a bamboo whisk to wash the wok. Use the whisk to interrupt unfastened any residual caught meals, however do not tear the black coating off!

7. All the time wipe your wok dry with paper towels and add a coating of oil.

Observe: a well-seasoned wok seems black inside! The extra you employ it, the blacker it can develop into.

Congratulations! Your wok is now seasoned!

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