Black Friday 2020 Pu Erh Tea: It Tastes Like Dirt and It’s Good For You

The Chinese language know tea. There isn’t any authority extra trusted, no keeper of historic brewing secrets and techniques extra famend. You’ve got ready the Pu Erh tea within the really helpful style, comforted within the information it is a hardy tea, able to sustaining taste even within the face of probably the most amateurish brewing methodology. You slowly pour a steaming cup, relishing the pungent aroma that wafts gently upward.

You step exterior and settle into a favourite, previous chair on the again porch, having fun with the crisp tug of the autumn climate on the again of your neck. Warming your arms on the new clay mug, you anticipate the delight of your first sip. In spite of everything, at fifty {dollars} a pound, this needs to be one fabulous cup of tea. You will should thank your buddy Josh for turning you on to this uncommon mix. OK, you are prepared. First sip and… You rush to the rail and spew the foul froth to the bottom, hoping you will not should reseed within the spring. “This cannot be proper…” You utter in utter disbelief. “These things tastes like dust!”

It is true. Some have described Pu Erh tea as tasting like dust. However, even when true, is {that a} dangerous factor?

The pungent aroma and earthy, dirt-like taste of Pu Erh tea is a results of its distinctive manufacturing course of. The tealeaves are gathered and fired, as in lots of different teas, however a portion of the moisture is allowed to stay. The tealeaves are then piled collectively and aged in underground rooms or caves. The remaining moisture permits a pure bacterium to develop and a course of akin to oxidation, or composting, happens. The result’s of the method is a tea that’s unusually earthy.

First brewed in China as early 1,000 B.C., the world’s greatest Pu Erh tea comes from the Yunnan Province. Located within the excessive southwestern portion of China, this province is residence to the Six Well-known Tea Mountains, identified for his or her good climates and circumstances for the manufacturing of tea. Whereas the tea could also be produced from plantation bushes or “wild arbor” tress, probably the most prized teas come from totally wild bushes. These tress are identified for producing Pu erh that’s wealthy and earthy, but with out being bitter.

When buying Pu Erh preserve a pair issues in thoughts. First, do not search for a freshness seal. With Pu Erh it is “the older the higher.” Not like different teas, which lose their style over time, the depth of Pu Erh’s style is definitely enhanced with age. It is not unusual to seek out Pu Erh that’s twenty to thirty years previous, and even older. Additionally understand that the older the tea the dearer. Do not anticipate to pay grocery retailer costs for Pu Erh. Twenty {dollars} per pound is a cut price and, for older and better high quality alternatives, it’s possible you’ll simply pay fifty {dollars} or extra per pound.

Pu Erh can also be stated to have a mess of well being advantages, together with aiding digestion and reducing ldl cholesterol. Add to this its soothing impact, its blood cleaning properties, and its facilitation of weight reduction and it looks like a surefire winner. However…

Whereas well being advantages are nice, it will not be sufficient to pique your pal’s curiosity in making an attempt this moderately distinctive brew. Nonetheless, your folks merely will not give you the option to withstand the intrigue whenever you inform them Pu Erh tea “tastes like dust – and, it is good for you.” In spite of everything, who might resist a testimonial like that?

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