Black Friday 2020 Shun Premier Chef Knife Vs Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cooks Knife

Although neither of those knives are private favorites, they’re each sensible items of cutlery and deserve a tip of the hat. Given the selection between them, I might be capable of choose a transparent favourite, nevertheless. Since I favor lighter knives with extra ergonomic handles, I deeply favor the Shun Premier. That being stated, anybody liking a basic French knife would love the Wusthof Traditional.


The Shun Premier is a basic Japanese fashion chef’s knife. It is skinny, gentle, and elegantly designed. I like its hammered Damascus metal, which makes it appear to be a samurai artifact. The mixture of steels used within the blade development offers it a pleasant stability of a tough high-carbon core and a softer Damascus metal coating and defending the brittle inside. It is not a knife effectively suited to heavy-duty duties, nevertheless, so some finesse is required to make use of it to its full impact.

The Wusthof Traditional line of knives isn’t any much less spectacular. It is heavier, sturdier, and has the form of deal with that almost all Western cooks have grown accustomed to. It is solid high-carbon stainless-steel is robust, sturdy, and might take an edge with a minimal of upkeep. The sting is precision engineered with Wusthof’s patented PETec course of. It additionally has a thick bolster and fingerguard supporting the heel of the knife, which together with its weight makes it a fantastic heavy-duty knife. It could be a bit of heavy for some, although, and I’ve by no means been a fan of the usually blocky European knife handles.

Knife Floor

The Wusthof Traditional line tends to have a clean blade (although there’s a dimpled or hole floor model). This flat blade makes slicing thinly a bit of trickier as meals sticks to the flat of the blade. The Shun Premier’s blade catches little pockets of air underneath the slices and makes it a lot simpler to slice meals extraordinarily skinny. It is a little more vulnerable to having little bits of meals caught inside, however the hammered look is simply so fairly I’ll forgive it for being rather less handy.


Within the typical Japanese fashion, the bolster solely serves to attach the deal with to the blade and is about as thick because the thinnest part of deal with. It is gentle as a result of the blade is gentle and it would not need to stability it out a lot. I like gentle knives. On the opposite facet, although, there’s quite a bit to be stated a few large, beefy bolster. The Wusthof has a strengthened bolster and fingerguard that additionally makes the heel into an ideal wedging and cracking instrument. Although I maintain an enormous, heavy, low cost knife for such issues, it does make the Wusthof extra versatile and strong.

Deal with

It is have a look at the apparent time. The handles of those two knives are drastically totally different, and on first look the Wusthof appears to have a extra ergonomic design. Sadly, it is also blocky and sq. in profile. I do not discover these knives particularly snug or simple to get an excellent grip on. The Shun Premier has a rounded deal with that from the facet seems straight, however really matches into the naturally rounded grip of your hand significantly better (I feel) with out an excessive amount of power essential. One other level for Shun.


Typically, I am a fan of high-carbon stainless-steel just like the Wusthof Traditional is manufactured from. The explanation for that, although, is that high-carbon metal is simply such a ache to keep up. It requires a lot effort and a focus to maintain it from discoloring or chipping. The Shun offers with that properly with it 16 layers of Damascus metal defending the enterprise finish of the blade. These knives take a depraved edge, however the edge itself is usually a brittle so it is necessary to respect it.


The Wusthof Traditional is ideal for classically European influenced cooks. It is deeply acquainted and a high quality instrument. Strictly as a matter of private aesthetic and luxury preferences, nevertheless, it is not my favourite of the 2.

The Shun premier is a basic Japanese fashion knife, and a transparent selection for anybody coming from the Japanese cooking custom. It is also lighter, has a comfier deal with, and it is aesthetics method artwork. Positively my favourite on this duo.

If these knives are a bit old-school and stuffy to your tastes, although, take a look at the comparability of the World G-2 and Shun Ken Onion. These are two knives that push the trendy envelope very properly.

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