Black Friday 2020 Tips on Freshwater Crayfish Care

Freshwater crayfish are lovely and interesting creatures to deal with in an aquarium. There are over 100 totally different species of crayfish which differ in coloration, from yellow to inexperienced and brown to purple. Most of them reside as much as three years, although some might reside longer. Nonetheless there may be extra to protecting crayfish than simply throwing them within the tank. Though they reside in mud when within the wild, making certain that the creature is each wholesome and comfortable always is essential.

You need to take note of numerous components together with, water chemistry and high quality, whom they’re sharing the tank with and food regimen. You need to additionally perceive that totally different species of the fish have barely totally different wants, temperaments and habits. Here’s a complete information on freshwater crayfish care:

Water parameters

This is among the most necessary components related to freshwater crayfish care. If the water circumstances within the aquarium should not proper, your fish might grow to be uncomfortable and even die. So earlier than you begin protecting crayfish study biking your fish tank. Listed here are another nice factors to think about:

– Be sure to maintain the water at a Ph. stage between 7 and eight.

– Crayfish will do fantastic at room temperature water, however don’t let the water get too scorching, above (80 F/26 C).

– Crayfish thrive nicely in exhausting water. The minimal water hardness needs to be between (8-12 dGH and KH (140-210).

– Crayfish which are poor in iodine normally expertise issues when molting. The best technique to guarantee that they’ve sufficient iodine is to buy marine iodine. A single bottle can final you many months.

– Similar to every other fish tank, altering your filters month-to-month and 25 % water of your water each two weeks is essential with freshwater crayfish care.

What do crayfish eat?

Crayfish are omnivores, which means they feed on vegetation and animals; primarily fish. Normally pet crayfish are fed sinking pellets. Along with that, greens like zucchini, spinach, frozen peas and collard greens are additionally nice for crayfish. You possibly can complement their food regimen with feeder fish once in a while. Crayfish completely love fish. So do not be stunned if considered one of your fish come up lacking in the future.

Additionally be aware that the fish require a whole lot of calcium to assist them develop their exoskeleton. This principally signifies that in your aquarium, you must guarantee that they’re receiving sufficient calcium of their food regimen. Greens like spinach and collard greens are nice sources of calcium. It is usually acceptable to present them a complement of brine shrimp or frozen krill a couple of times per week.

How usually do they eat?

Freshwater crayfish solely have to be fed as soon as a day. However plant meals will be left within the aquarium indefinitely. In case your crayfish eats a fish, and leaves items of the fish, be sure you take away the items rapidly.

Can I maintain crayfish in a tank with reside vegetation?

Crayfish feed on something they arrive throughout. Though this might not be true for all crayfish, it’s secure to imagine that they are going to eat or destroy your vegetation. That’s the reason it is all the time a good suggestion to have synthetic vegetation on your tank.


Most animals together with crustaceans like freshwater crayfish endure a course of referred to as molting. That is shedding of their exoskeleton in order to accommodate the fish’s development. If you happen to be aware that the fish is hiding extra or consuming lower than common, it could be an indication that he his molting. Once they molt don’t take away the shell from the aquarium, he’ll devour it to facilitate development of the brand new exoskeleton.

With these freshwater crayfish care ideas, you must be capable to have a wholesome pet crayfish. Their lifecycle may be very fascinating to look at and the fish will generally do issues that may make you snigger out loud. Deal with them correctly and they’ll reward you with a number of years of enjoyment.

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